Types of Medical Marijuana Products in St. Petersburg, FL

If you are interested in trying medical marijuana products in St. Petersburg, FL, to treat chronic illnesses or health conditions, you are not alone. Different people have different needs or preferences, which is why there are so many medical marijuana products to choose from.

This quick guide can help you figure out which products are the best choice for you.


Many people prefer to take their medical marijuana products in St. Petersburg, FL, in the form of vapes or e-cigarettes. These refillable cartridges contain carefully calibrated doses of medical marijuana without harmful substances. They have many benefits, such as better concentration of THC, making it faster to receive the relief that you need. Plus, they are easy to transport and use wherever you may need a bit of medical support.


Tinctures are a diluted liquid of marijuana that come in bottles with droppers. To use them, you place a drop or two under your tongue and let it dissolve. Although tinctures are not as portable, they are very fast-acting and also easy to measure dosage.

Oral Products

Capsules, pills, or gummies are all ways of ingesting medical marijuana orally. These products are more discreet than a vape or a tincture. They react differently—they take longer to start affecting you, but also last longer. However, finding the right dosage may take some trial and error.

Do not try any medical marijuana produc

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