Was Your Experience Medical Malpractice?

Have you ever felt neglected or mistreated by a healthcare professional? This is a common experience but often results from overcrowded facilities and overworked providers. When this oversight or carelessness becomes dangerous, though, you might be experiencing medical malpractice – and you might have a legal case against your provider.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is a legal term referring to any action or inaction by a medical professional that results in injury, death, or other serious harm to a patient. This can take many forms. Some examples include:

  • Incorrect prescriptions, dosage, or other medication errors
  • Poorly supported diagnosis and treatment therefor
  • Errors or carelessness during surgery or substandard aftercare
  • Neglect of care for a patient in any setting that results in harm

You may think of medical malpractice as something that only happens in surgical settings or to elderly patients in care facilities. These are not the only settings where malpractice occurs, though. With around 12,000-15,000 medical malpractice lawsuits each year in the United States alone, lacking or improper care is clearly a much more universal issue.

What Should You Do if You Experience Malpractice?

The experience of receiving inadequate or improper medical care can be frustrating at best – and lethal at worst. If you or a loved one has dealt with this experience, you should not have to continue suffering.

The best way to begin your suit is to contact a medical malpractice attorney in Medford. Your local legal professionals can help you determine whether your case is strong enough to take to court. They may also help you gather information, organize your thoughts, and provide clarity on what the law says about your specific experiences.

Do not continue suffering in silence. Contact an attorney and find out if your experience qualifies as malpractice under the law. Compensation may be available – and you may be entitled to additional resources to help you recover from your experience!

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