What Are Planter Closing Wheels And Could You Use Them?

Unless you are a farmer, you can only be guessing as to the meaning of Planter Closing Wheels and would have no use for them even if you did know what they were. In addition, should you be a cattle farmer you could also be in the dark.

Tilling The Soil & Planting Seeds
The main users of Planter Closing Wheels are the farmers that plough, till and fertilize the land to plant seeds that they hope will grow so that a crop can then be harvested. The first farmers had to do all of this by hand. First, they had to clear existing (unwanted) vegetation from the land that they hoped to harvest from. They would pull things out by the roots using their own muscle force or cut plants down with elementary (stone) blades. Then, they could break into the soil using, perhaps, the shoulder bone of a large animal. Seeds could then be dropped into the opened up depression prior to putting the soil back in place. From that point on, it was rather up to nature to take its course and produce a harvestable crop or not. Everything was extremely hard work and rather hit and miss as to the end results.

Agriculture progressed over the years, not only were more reliable (predictable) seeds cultivated but we started to remove much of the shear muscle power required from the farmer. First we harnessed beasts of burden to pull basic ploughs behind them under guiding directions from us humans. Then we replaced these animals with various types of self propelling mechanical devices – the basic tractors. Once tractors were the regular way to plough furrows across fields, innovative farmers came up with a plethora of devices that could also be pulled along by a tractor. These devices could be used to do other things to the soil in addition to ploughing a basic furrow.

On innovation involved producing a relatively narrow and shallow groove in the soil into which seeds can be dropped as the cutting part of the planter proceeds across the field. However, for the seeds to prosper, the soil must be placed back on top of them. In other words, the groove has to be closed up – Planter Closing Wheels are the mechanical devices that close up the grooves.

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