What To Consider When It Is Time For Window Replacement In Homer Glen IL

by | Apr 16, 2024 | Roofing

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For many businesses, thinking about the efficiency and effectiveness of the windows is not at the top of the to-do list. However, this is an important part of any commercial space that needs to be maintained and even replaced from time to time. When it is time for Commercial Window Replacement in Homer Glen IL selecting the right style and type of window is important. In fact, selecting energy-efficient, quality windows can actually save a business money over time.

The Window Frame

Most people understand a wood window frame will not transfer cold and heat like aluminum frames will. However, this does not necessarily mean that wood is the ideal option for a window that is efficient and will lower utility costs. There are a number of options to consider for window frames, each offering pros and cons.

  • Vinyl: This is a budget-friendly option that is also energy efficient.
  • Wood: This offers the highest insulation value but requires more maintenance than other materials.
  • Aluminum: This is a practical option for humid and rainy climates.
  • Wood-Clad: This offers a good balance, especially for commercial property owners. It has an easy-to-maintain exterior and a wood interior that is temperature transfer resistant.

The Glass

Another consideration to make when looking for options for Commercial Window Replacement in Homer Glen IL is the glass. Be sure to look further than just the type of glass used in the window to discover what the efficiency of the unit is. Any windows in the Energy Star program will have the appropriate sticker along with ratings from the NFRC, National Fenestration Rating Council. Finding a window that meets these standards means an energy-efficient option has been selected.

For commercial property owners who are looking to reduce their heating and cooling costs, choosing one of these can be quite beneficial. Proper installation of the window is the last crucial element. Even the most expensive and well-made window will not perform properly if it is not correctly installed. Contact Americanstruction Inc, for more information.