What to Keep in Mind When Choosing a College Roommate in Raleigh

There are a lot of decisions you will have to make as you prepare to go off to college. You will need to choose your classes, find a part-time job, and decide where to live. You will also have to decide who your roommates will be. Here are a few tips to help.

Many college students find that it is best to get two or 3 bedroom apartments near NCSU. Having roommates offers many benefits, including the fact that everyone will be able to save money. However, you don’t want to choose just anyone to be your roommate. Think about what qualities you would like your roommates to have. For example, you may want a roommate who is clean. If you get annoyed when things are left out, having a messy roommate will drive you crazy. You may want a roommate who is quiet. If they are having parties all of the time and listening to loud music, you will feel frustrated.

You may want to start with your close circle of friends as you are choosing a roommate. It may be easy to share 3 bedroom apartments near NCSU with individuals who you already know. However, just because a person makes a good friend does not mean they will make a good roommate. The goal is to find friends who you will be able to live with comfortably. You may want to ask your parent’s friends if they know someone who is attending your school and is looking for a roommate.

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