What to Look for in a DVI to SDI Converter

by | Oct 22, 2012 | Electronics and Electrical

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Today, there are a variety of video components available, often making it necessary to convert your video data to another format to broadcast it the way your business needs to. This can occur when you are trying to display information on a large screen at a conference from a laptop or iPad or it can occur right in the office if you are attempting to run a training session. In order to seamlessly convert your data to the format each component requires, you need the right video converter, such as the DVI to SDI converter. There are a variety of converters available, which is why it is important to understand the decisions you need to make.

Input and Output

Before you purchase a DVI to SDI converter, you need to determine if it has the appropriate inputs and outputs you need. The input format should allow a large variety of video data to enable you to transfer almost any type of data into the format your project requires. You should also look at the audio the converters support to ensure there is an input and output that will satisfy your company’s needs.


In order to seamlessly play videos on your output component, your video will need to be converted to the appropriate format. This includes the right dimensions, zoom and frame rate to allow the video to play uninterrupted and flawlessly for your business.


Each DVI to SDI converter, as well as various other converters, has a conversion speed. If you are planning on converting a large number of videos, time will be of the essence. The converter you purchase needs to be able to handle the amount of video you need to convert at a speed that is acceptable to your place of business and will not interrupt the flow of the office.

When you shop for the right DVI to SDI converter or any other type of video converter, it is important to find one that has the properties you need, including the appropriate input and outputs, the right specifications and the speed your projects require. In addition to all this, you need to find a converter that is easy to use to avoid interrupting the productivity in your office. Many converters have wizards to follow or prompts that make it simple to use. Inquiring about the level of difficult of use for each converter before you purchase one will help you have the most success.