What You Should Know About Mosquito Treatment in Greenville, SC

As small as they are, mosquitos can become a huge problem when they breed around your property. These little nuisances can become too big of a problem to handle on your own, so you might need to call a professional to handle it for you. If you are wanting to schedule mosquito treatment in Greenville, SC, here are some things you can expect.

A Thorough Inspection Should Be Performed

One of the first things that any experienced pest control company will do is have your property thoroughly inspected prior to starting any treatment. This will allow the technician to properly assess the problem and formulate the best plan of action for your property.

Areas Are Treated With a Special Mist

After the problem areas have been identified, a special insecticide will be sprayed around your property and especially in the areas where the mosquitos like to nest. If you have pets, make sure that the product being sprayed isn’t harmful to animals or children.

Because mosquitos love moist places, when your technician sprays the mist, it is almost like a huge net. By spraying the shaded areas where the mosquitos rest, they will be trapped in the poison and therefore eliminated.

When scheduling mosquito treatment in Greenville, SC, make sure you choose a technician who is reputable and can answer your questions. They should be able to tell you what type of product they are using and offer you a solution that is non-toxic and harmless to your animals and children.

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