Why Having a Family Physician Matters

The experience level of a family physician can make a difference in the care of your loved ones. In HIV-infected cases, for instance, primary care physicians have taken on huge roles. Those who have the proper experience are more than likely to comply with ART protocols than inexperienced doctors. This can make a tremendous amount of difference in the quality of treatment and life of a patient.

That’s just one reason why finding a qualified family doctor matters. Here are a few others:

Medical History

Your family doctor records and keeps track of your family’s medical history, a collection of invaluable records and information. If you find yourself in an accident, a detailed medical history—your allergies, prescribed medications, previous surgeries or medical procedures you underwent—can help doctors provide you with swift and accurate treatment.

Accurate Diagnoses

Your family doctor is also in the best position to monitor your health. These doctors can catch minor symptoms or signs of health disorders before they become worse. Since they know your medical history, they are in the best position to watch out for signs of recurring conditions. If you have been cancer-free for a few years now, your family doctor will know what to look for to ensure your cancer is still in remission or not and can provide you with referrals to the right specialists in case you need to.

Care and Treatment

Family doctors are also the first line of defense. If there’s something wrong with your loved one, you won’t have to waste time trying to find a doctor you can trust. You can take your sick loved one to the doctor right away for proper medication and care.

Final Advice

Looking out for your family’s health is easy when you have a trusted family physician like Wichita Family Medicine Specialists who you can call. They are dedicated in providing the most advanced, comprehensive medical care available for patients of all ages.

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