6 Reasons to Get an MRI at an Imaging Center in Beaumont, TX

Life happens, and not all events are pleasant ones. At some time, a person is likely to find themselves in need of an MRI at an Imaging Center in Beaumont TX. Below are the most common reasons to get an MRI.


Many people get headaches, some of which are severe enough to be classed as migraines. If a patient has a headache almost every day, they may end up needing diagnostic imaging. To find and treat the problem, a doctor must see what’s going on inside the patient’s head, and an MRI makes that task easier.

Broken Ankles

Perhaps that morning jog wasn’t such a good idea, or maybe the patient was just a little clumsy. Broken ankles happen all the time, and a patient should get an MRI to see the extent of the damage and ensure proper healing.

Back Pain

Another common condition among patients is back pain. If a person is having severe, debilitating back pain, they should get an MRI to ensure there are no damaged discs or other problems.

Cancer Risks

Studies show that those with normal breast cancer risk should get an MRI in addition to a yearly mammogram. Once per year, a patient should schedule an appointment for both of these imaging services.

Car Accidents

It’s a frightening idea, but it can happen in an instant. Regardless of the severity of the accident, a patient should get an MRI so post-accident conditions can be properly diagnosed. It’s better to get treated right away than it is to wait for symptoms to get worse.

Heart Disease

If a person has heart disease, has had a heart attack within the last year, or has a family history of heart disease, they may want to get an MRI once per year. This imaging service can show the patient how healthy his or her heart is, and it can catch problems early enough so that they’re treatable.

No matter how healthy a person may be, it’s likely that they’ll need an MRI at some point. Riceland Healthcare is an Imaging Center in Beaumont TX that offers prompt, professional service. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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