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How to Find a Wholesale Guns Shop

When looking for a wholesale guns shop, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The first is that not all shops are created equal. Some shops deal exclusively in wholesaling, while others also sell firearms to the general public. It is important to find a...

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Do You Really Need BUIS On Your Rifle?

The vast majority of shooters today, from hunters through to those who just enjoy spending time at the shooting range, use some form of optics. It could be a red dot system that offers high power and variable distances to a holographic sight or even a traditional...

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Common Mistakes When Using BUIS

One of the reasons that back up iron sights or BUIS systems is not as popular as the red dot or crosshair optics is the amount of practice that has to go into developing a "feel" for how to use the sights. The Skill Issue There is a skill needed to be able to develop...

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