Advantages of Cloud Reseller Web Hosting

by | May 9, 2013 | Computer And Software

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Cloud hosting has quickly become one of the most popular trends in the hosting market today. It provides an alternative to the conventional shared web hosting services offered previously. The different cloud technologies and platforms used to offer reseller services make  Cloud reseller web hosting a viable and feasible choice for resellers today.

The concept of networked and distributed computing devices that work together to provide several services makes cloud hosting one of the most reliable web hosting solutions for resellers. In cloud reseller web hosting, services such as ftp, mail and web all run on different servers. The implication of this is that a breakdown failure in one server does not affect or impact the other services.

Secondly, cloud hosting protects you from a loss of data. Even if one particular hard disk crashes, your data is safe as it is backed up immediately on the other disks. As a Cloud reseller web hosting service, your clients can rest assured that there data is safe with you.

A bogged down server slows down processor time, in turn different web services may take a much longer time to be accessed. If you have clients that are running resource hungry applications then you cannot afford to have them on a shared resource platform.

Slower speeds are usually a result of shared resources with several other resellers, however with cloud reseller web hosting services, you are safeguarded against this. This is because cloud hosting models an environment similar to that of a dedicated serve for web hosting services. What this means is that you can enjoy the benefits of security and maximum dedicated resource usage without having to incur the exorbitant prices that come with dedicated servers.

The success of your reseller web hosting services is dependent on the platform that you choose to host your clients on. Hosting your client’s web services on traditional web hosting services means that you are limited by the use of one physical server, which is relying primarily on one network connection. This is an extremely risky and volatile environment to entrust your business in. In the event that you face a network connection failure, or a server issue then all your clients are at risk. Cloud reseller web hosting services provides you with technology that will improve your services to your clients in regards to data redundancy, reliability, speed and security.