Advantages of LED Landscape Lighting Los Angeles

Landscape lighting is important for, among other reasons, it makes your yard usable at night, it enhances safety and security, it gives your yard great aesthetic appeal, and it increases the resale value of your home. More and more people in Los Angeles are going for LED landscape lighting. There are several reasons for the popularity of LED over other lighting solutions.

LED lamps last a long time. As an example, a current while LED lamp has an operating life of 100,000 hours (or roughly 11 years). Although LED lights are more expensive than traditional lamps, the fact that they last this long means you will end up saving money. The average incandescent bulb has an operating life of a mere 5000 hours.

Another key advantage of LED lamps is that they consume very little power. If you design your LED landscape lighting Los Angeles system properly, you will get energy efficiency of about 80%. This compares to energy efficiency of about 20% for incandescent bulbs. The high energy efficiency means lower electricity bills. It also means you will be lowering your carbon footprint and you will therefore be doing your part to protect the environment.

LED lamps are small in size. You could get a lamp measuring 3 to 8 mm. This is important in that such a light can be used as part of an array for a beautiful effect. LED lights are also advantageous in that they can give off light in one specific direction. This is unlike florescent bulbs and incandescent bulbs which give light in all direction, thereby leading to wastage of energy.

You should go for LED landscape lighting because you get lower temperatures with LED lights. Most of the energy in conventional light bulbs is dissipated as heat. As an example, 90% of the energy in an incandescent bulb is given off as heat (and 80% for compact fluorescent bulbs). The fact that LED lamps remain cool is advantageous in that there is a lower risk of burns. The low heat also means the lower vulnerability to breakage and vibration.

LED lamps do not contain harmful chemicals. This is a great improvement on their major competitor, CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) which contain mercury vapor. LED bulbs are easier to dispose of since they have low environmental impact.

You will get a full range of colors with LED landscape lighting Los Angeles. The lamps are available in white, red, warm white, blue, yellow, and several other colors. This means greater aesthetic effect when you use the bulbs for landscaping purposes.

Other advantages of LED landscape lighting are that there is no starting delay with the lights, the lights can be easily dimmed, they operate silently, and their low-voltage power requirement means added safety.

Different bulbs can be used for landscape lighting in Los Angeles, but LED landscape lighting has several advantages over landscape lighting with CFL, incandescent, and other types of lights.

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