Benefits of Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Vitamin and mineral supplements are used to replenish depleted amounts of certain vitamin and/or minerals in your body. If you have absorption issues, poor diet or other ailments that have caused multiple mineral or vitamin levels to become diminished you can take a multivitamin to help restore those losses. Sometimes a person may just have lower levels of one or a few vitamins or minerals and would need a more specialized supplement to restore the body to its natural functioning state. Here are a few examples of top rated vitamin and mineral supplements and their benefits.

Fulvic Mineral Complex by Vital Earth Minerals

Fulvic is a natural component contained within Humic minerals which are essential for restoring proper function and cell growth.  Fulvic makes its way through your body correcting imbalances within your system which results in a boosted immune system and an enhanced ability for your body to naturally absorb nutrients properly. Fulvic Mineral Complex also claims to improve mental focus, decrease food cravings, assist in the conversion of sugar into energy instead of fatty tissue and completely detoxify the entire body. The compounds in this supplement actually attach themselves to the nutrients you ingest and delivers them all the way through the cell wall of the proper cells and then leaves them there to be absorbed. It is the only compound known to man that actually travels through the cellular membrane to ensure that your body is absorbing all of the required nutrients for proper bodily function.

Coral Advantage Marine Coral Calcium Complex by Advanced Nutritional Innovations

The number one reason women get osteoporosis is due to lack of calcium in the bones. Calcium has five main purposes; fortify bone structure, produce energy, maintain cells, assist in heart function and regulate the body’s acid levels. As the body becomes more acidic due to age, diet and other factors, calcium leaves its job of fortifying bones and other processes to take care of the rising acid levels. As you age it also becomes more and more difficult for your body to absorb calcium and to replenish the supply in the bones. Due to the diminished levels of calcium the bones become brittle resulting in osteoporosis. Coral Advantage Marine Coral Calcium Complex contains more than 20 co-nutrients that assist with calcium absorption.  Greater absorption of calcium results in improved overall health, enhanced energy and vitality, stronger bones and improved joint mobility.

These are only two of the best rated vitamin and mineral supplements on the market today. There are literally thousands of different supplements that can increase your overall health and wellness. For every deficiency there is a supplement. These can include vitamin C, iron, B vitamins and many more supplements that can benefit you.

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