Best Chocolate Photo Choices

Promotional and corporate sweet selections run the gamut from candied fruit to high-end truffle boxes. Printing a chocolate photo, logos and messages on everything from bars to stars and chocolate business cards is a fun and unique way to share your thanks, while keeping your company in the public eye. As expected, there are certain graphics better suited to this than others. Follow these tips when selecting photos to print on the tasty treats you give out to people.

Keep It Simple

The same rules that govern printing photos on newsprint can be applied to the majority of novelty chocolate print jobs. It’s imperative that you use a simplistic photo or design for your promotional treats. If a photo has a complicated background or you try to include too many shapes and colors, the image will appear clustered and chaotic.

Aim for backgrounds free of details with just one or two focal points. Also keep in mind the size of your canvas. Chocolate photo standards for large bars are different from those used on lollipops or poker chips.

Apply the same rules to your color selection and make sure the graphic works on a smaller scale. Companies may offer chocolate photo printing in several colors. Before giving the go ahead, ask if you can see a sample. Remember, if you’re working with a vendor that charges for samples, those costs are often taken off the cost of your final order.

Working with a Graphics Pro

Reputable chocolatiers employ a graphics team. Their services are usually included in the cost of basic product design. Either way, it shouldn’t add a significant amount to your overall costs and is more than worth the investment.

Additionally, you can hire a photographer or graphic designer to help develop just the right look for your event or promotion. If you’re creating novelty items for a wedding, for instance, a photographer can help you create a photo that not only captures the moment but works well with the printing job. On the other hand, a graphic artist can help you perfect a promotional or corporate gift campaign to accompany the sweet treats you’re passing along to your business contacts.

Many people have a natural talent toward design and won’t need any help when creating materials for chocolate photo printing. Others may not be as confident or simply won’t have the time to tackle this project themselves. Work with a company you trust to give you good graphics advice. Look over their products, order samples and don’t finalize your plans until you’ve got it just right.

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