Book a River Cruise with a Vienna Adventure Travel Specialist

by | Jun 14, 2013 | Travel

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Is it time for a river cruise? Many people are enjoying this type of vacation. It is about time that you joined them. There is something majestic about this type of travel that keeps people returning several times over. Perhaps, it has to do with the open air, the water and the beauty that surrounds one. However, there is no reason to go alone. Many people have booked a romantic package with a Vienna Adventure Travel Specialist. Clear your calendar and start planning your trip.

Vienna is the capitol of Austria. It is rich in architecture and charm. Many river cruises will feature a stop here. Next, be prepared to enjoy some sightseeing. Many tour packages offer guided tours. The guide will take you to several locations. For example, a popular destination is the Vienna Opera House. However, you will want to check with your Vienna Adventure Travel Specialist to determine if your package will include a tour of it. Another point of interest is the Baroque castles. Have your camera with you at all times. You will not want to miss the beauty of the buildings or the gardens.

There is nothing like leaving your stress behind as the ship glides across the river. Most ships come complete with panoramic windows and contemporary design elements. Further, four-course dinners are enjoyed by the passengers. Do you enjoy coffee? Most ships offer premium coffees, lattes and cappuccinos. Are you wondering if you will miss breakfast if you sleep in? Do not worry. There is a late-riser breakfast available on most ships. After breakfast, you can enjoy a workout on the ship. Be sure to check with your agent for further details. The right package will be based on your specific needs.

When it is time to return to your cabin, you will enjoy the comfort of a hotel-size bed. Further, on most ships, the bathrooms are large. You will have no problem showering and getting ready in the morning. These ships are designed to benefit guests with luxurious furnishings, wonderful food and service. It is time to figure out your availability and book a trip.