Buckingham Palace

by | Mar 25, 2013 | Hotels and Motels

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Though not everyone can be royalty, we can always feel royal. Plan a getaway at one of the luxurious hotels near Buckingham palace and get treated like you wear a crown. Check out a real ‘palace’ called home by the Queen. Plan a tour of the Buckingham Palace as the guides share the secrets hidden in its wall for centuries. The palace is open to tourist from August to September, during Her Majesty’s yearly visit to Scotland.

In the UK this Palace is the most iconic royal building and one the few Palaces actually in use by the royals. It was built in the 18th century. It has served as the residence of British sovereigns since 1873. This is where in 2011 the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William was hosted by the Queen.

The Buckingham Palace is situated between two royal parks. The palace has 775 rooms, out of which 52 are guest and Royal bedrooms and 19 are state rooms used to entertain the Royal family’s guests on their ceremonial or official visits to the UK. Here is what to expect at the palace:

60th Anniversary of the Coronation of the Queen

Plan a trip this summer. It might be a once in a lifetime chance to celebrate the royal event of the 60TH anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. There will be a major exhibition for the summer opening of the palace this year; a splendid collection of dresses, uniforms and robes. A complete re-creation of that day with the same paintings and objects used. It will be an event that will magically take you back in time.

State Rooms

These rooms are used to entertain the royal guests. They are furnished with classic furniture from France and England and aesthetically decorated with the treasures from the royal collection with paintings by Rembrandt, Rubens and Poussin.

The Garden

The garden of the Buckingham Palace, well known as the Walled oasis, in the middle of London is as breathtaking as the Palace itself. It is situated at the west of the palace. With more than 350 kinds of different flowers, a large 19th century lake graced by a flock of flamingoes and the Waterloo Vase, a summer house, a helicopter pad and a tennis court, this garden is nothing less than wonderland.

The Art

Although it is not an art gallery, if you love art, these original pieces are not something you should miss. The Palace is furnished and decorated with priceless works of art from the royal collection. It is one of the biggest art collections in the world today.

There are various options available to the tourist according to their interest. You can go for a cheaper tour or choose to have an exclusive tour during afterhours and enjoy some champagne in the palace. What better place would your royal highness like to retreat to after facing the battles of your daily life than a castle? So plan your retreat in a Hotels near Buckingham Palace and feel like the king you are!