Cat Clinic in Olathe KS – Services to Expect for Your Cat

Most cat owners understand that their beloved pet is independent and has its own personality. They also understand the importance of regular checkups and health care for their cat. You can expect professional services from your local cat clinic in Olathe, KS. If you live in Olathe and you have a cat, you need to know what types of services are available for your cat’s health care needs. The following is an overview of the services you should expect.

Regular Wellness Visits

Depending on your cat’s current health, your veterinarian will recommend how many wellness visits your cat will require. Once or twice a year is standard for maintaining good kitty health. Wellness checks include a standard checkup and checking for parasites, worms, ticks, fleas, ear mites, and other things that can affect the health of your cat. They listen to the cat’s heart and lungs, check their oral cavity and teeth, and look for abnormal swelling or other issues on your pet.


Just like parents take their kids in for the standard vaccines, cat parents must do the same. They will get shots to fight against distemper (feline panleukopenia), feline herpes virus type 1, rabies, leukemia (FeLV), ringworm, peritonitis, and chlamydia that affect feline health. Feline leukemia is a known life-threatening virus in cats. Rabies is becoming a growing concern to your feline friends. Vaccines could save your cat’s life.

Diagnostic Care

If your kitty becomes ill or gets injured, your local vet at a good cat clinic in Olathe, KS can offer diagnostic services. These services can include, but are not limited to ultrasound, x-rays, and blood work in a laboratory. All these services are used to find out what’s wrong with your beloved kitty and is part of finding a way to make him/her well.

Other services you can expect for your kitten/cat at a local veterinarian should include dental care, surgery (if needed), acupuncture, emergency care services, and grooming and boarding services. If you are looking for a good veterinarian for your kitten/cat then make sure they offer all these services. Browse Website to find out more about the services and health care you can expect for your cat.

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