Daycare in South Riding: What to Bring, and What to Leave at Home

Making the switch from having little ones at home to sending them off to day care is difficult in itself, but your worries only grow when you begin to wonder what to send with your child. Below are some tips on filling your child daycare bag.

What to Send

Two sets of clothing and resealable bags: Your child shouldn’t head off to day care without spare clothes. Accidents do happen; be prepared by including some plastic bags to hold soiled items.

Diapers: If your child hasn’t reached the potty-training stage, be sure to send enough wipes, diapers and ointment for a change every couple of hours. Depending on the day care’s policy, you might be able to send a week’s worth of supplies at a time—but it’s always good to bring a few extra.

Snacks: If your child is a baby, pack up enough breast milk, formula and baby food (plus some extra) to last the entire day. Don’t forget to include finger foods and sippy cups for older kids.

Extras: If your child is on medication, be sure to send it, and that your day care provider is knowledgeable in its use. You should also pack your child’s blanket, pacifier, etc. along with the required items for naptime.

Seasonally- and weather-appropriate clothes: Babies need thick swaddling blankets, and older kids will need swim attire, sunscreen and a jacket if the climate is cold.

Now that you have a list of your child’s day care essentials, it can be tempting to add in some ‘extras’. Below is a list of the seemingly-harmless things that can cause big issues.

What to Leave at Home

Toys: It’s just too hard to keep track of toys if every child brings them, and younger kids haven’t yet learned how to share.

Junk food: If your child gets a cookie or cupcake, the other kids will want one also—and they’ll get upset when they can’t have it.

Dressy clothing: Save them for church; day care is a very messy place at times.

Sharp items: It should be a given to leave such things at home, but kids can be sneaky.

This is just a basic list, and your Daycare South Riding provider will likely have additional rules and requirements. With the do’s and don’ts listed here, you’ll be better prepared to send your child off for the day.

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