Differences Between Traditional and Modern Style Homes

by | Sep 30, 2013 | Home Improvement

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You may drive by a subdivision and see hundreds of homes, all with the same design elements. Many of them may even look identical. Why would homeowners want to live in a home that looks like everybody else’s? Many do it because the homes are built using a proven method. Why deviate from the norm when it works well?

Today’s modern style homes have many unique features that make them stand out from traditional homes. Many homeowners, in the quest for something unique, choose these beautiful and functional homes. Learn more about the differences between traditional and modern homes.

Features of Traditional Homes
Traditional homes focus more on the popular designs of a specific location. They are built by contractors who reuse materials and attempt to maintain a link to the past. Traditional homes are popular because they maintain continuity within a neighborhood because of their similar look and feel. Traditional architecture does not deviate too far from the norm. Instead, it focuses on form and function. It has a proven method of construction that stands the test of time.

Features of Modern Style Homes
These homes are unique from one another. You will never find two homes that are exactly the same. Each has its own features that make it stand out. These homes incorporate flat roofs with simple walls and features. Clean lines and lack of ornate decorations offer simplicity – something many of us crave in this fast-paced world. Modern homes are also feature open floor plans. Each room flows into the other quite nicely. Even the outdoor space becomes incorporated into the home. Large picture windows help make the transition from indoors to outdoors. These large windows also bring in a significant amount of light so that there is less reliance on artificial light. Roofs are either flat or low-pitched.

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