Discovering the Many Tile Designs for your Kitchen

Using Kitchen Tiles Brooklyn homes love does not mean you have to be stuck with the traditional uses and applications of tile. Today’s tile designs are creative and exciting and you can use them to create impressive kitchens in your home.

Fashionable Floors
This isn’t your mother’s kitchen tile. The choices for kitchen tiles Brooklyn homeowners have are very different and far more diverse than the tiles of your parent’s homes. You can create stunning kitchens using tiles such as faux woods and stones, as well as look at the rainbow of colors available to create funky, fun flooring patterns. There’s no denying a classic black and white checkerboard floor still works in the kitchen of today, however you can mix it up using newer looks in faux stones for a higher end look. You can also look to faux stainless steel mosaic tiles to create stunning edging running along the base of your cabinets for a new look on the tile floor inset. Mosaics also work great in the centre of your kitchen floors as focal points. Combining real stone with interesting porcelain looks can also add interest and originality to your modern kitchen.

Funky Backsplashes
Color is rampant in modern tile designs and especially when looking to glass mosaics and subway tiles you can create endless possibilities with your imagination as your guide. Why settle for the same old same old with natural stone (although still stunning in the classic kitchen) when you can create masterpieces working with multi colored mosaics? Create focal points above the sink or stove or go all out and create your interpretation of modern art. The sky’s the limit when it comes to getting creative with the kitchen tiles home owners love.

Kitchen Counters
Everyone wants granite counter tops but if your budget does not allow for real granite, go faux with the kitchen tiles Brooklyn home owners can use to create stunningly convincing counter tops. You will be amazed at the quality and likeness of faux stone porcelain tiles. In over sized sheets you can create a relatively seamless finish with little effort for a lot of impact.

As you can see today’s kitchen tiles home owners use can create many different looks based on your taste and budget.

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