Do you need Detroit Airport Car Service?

The days when planes took off and landed right inside a city are long gone and nearly every major airport is now located in the countryside beyond the city boundaries. This works fine from a safety and noise viewpoint as well as the large land area needed for any major airport capable of handling domestic and international flights using the latest, large jet airliners. In the case of Detroit, Michigan, if we ignore the small airfields that cater for private planes and executive jets, the nearest major airport is DTW (Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport) which is located some 23 miles outside Detroit City Center.

There are bus services from DTW into Detroit but these tend to involve quite a bit of walking within the airport terminals and possibly changing buses en-route. This is not exactly the best way to go if travelling with luggage and will the bus schedule fit nicely with your flight schedule? There is no real railway connection so; maybe you can take a taxi? But, when going out to the airport can you be sure the taxi will pick you up and get you there on time for all the current check in requirements for your flight and how long will you have to wait in line for the taxi home when you return?

Could it make better sense to consider a chauffeur driven car booked in advance for both outward and return journeys? Such vehicles are often referred to as “airport limousines” and are readily available from the likes of Detroit Airport Car Service at prices that are not hugely higher than the metered rates charged by taxi companies (along with taxi booking fees and other add-ons). These services should not be confused with the movie star, stretched limo image. What the likes of Detroit Airport Car Service provide is a late model comfortable vehicle in either sedan or SUV format along with a fully trained driver who knows all possible routes to and from DTW and the drop off and pick up points for which airlines at which terminal building. Your service will advise you on the best pick up time to leave home for the airport and they will be there waiting for you when your return flight gets in.

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