Don’t Wait to See an Opthamologist for Glaucoma in Fort Myers, FL

by | May 13, 2013 | Eye Care

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Glaucoma has a reputation for being a silent disease in that it slowly and quietly eats away at the existing vision. Usually you’re not aware that anything is wrong until the disease has advanced to a point where you’ve lost or are about to lose vision. There is no existing cure for glaucoma, only treatment to manage the problem and preserve what vision still exists. It’s best to be proactive and get regular screenings for glaucoma in Cape Fort Myers FL to prevent issues later.

Glaucoma is typified by the loss of vision due to increased fluid that creates intraocular pressure on the optic nerve. It can be low or high tension, but the result is still the same: vision loss. An ophthalmologist looking at the optic nerve can identify glaucoma by a pattern left on the nerve that is unique to the disease. Once the initial diagnosis is made, the ophthalmologist then tests for fluid pressure levels in the eyes to confirm.

There are two technical types of glaucoma known as open- and closed-angle. The angle is the space between the cornea and iris where the aqueous humour (eye fluid) flows through on its way through the structure of the eye. The closed-angle version causes discomfort, even pain, early on and tends to progress quickly. However, those with closed-angle glaucoma don’t tolerate the pain for too long and head into a physician before damage is done. Open-angle progresses slowly, and the individual won’t feel anything going on until the vision starts to diminish.

Treatment for glaucoma is varied. As previously stated, there is no cure for the problem, but there are many types of treatments that can alleviate and slow down or stop the progression. One option is to have a tube inserted into the eye to drain the fluid when it gets too high. Another is the use of a laser to perform a variety of treatments that all aim to lower the intraocular pressure from the fluid.