Emotional Branding Creates Lasting Bonds with Consumers

Advertisers know when people care deeply about a brand they are willing to pay more for it. They also become very protective when it is threatened. Emotional Branding is one of the most effective ways for a company to market it’s products. When the Coca Cola Company taught the world to sing, they were joining forces with a much higher view of the world, than simply giving thirsty people around the world something to drink. This higher purpose doesn’t only ensure customer loyalty, it creates employees who are proud to work at the company.

The company created perhaps the most famous and beloved commercial when a child gives a Coke to a hurt Mean Joe Green and Green throws back his jersey back to the kid. However this Emotional Branding backfired on the Coca Cola executives. When Coca Cola threatened its own brand by introducing the New Coke, consumers were swift to vilify the company’s executives as stupid for trifling with perfection. They didn’t want any changes to a drink that they had loved for decades. Eventually company executives relented and the products slowly returned to normal. This iconic American brand has been carefully advertised to create an emotional bond with consumers which persists to this day.

Emotional Branding in San Francisco works best when consumers are barely aware that their emotions are being affected. People want to be part of a community with meaning and values. In this consumer-driven society, they therefore want their purchases to have meaning beyond the dollar value of the product. However, it is still important that the product perform a service in and of itself in the life of a consumer. If it’s clothing then it has to be attractive, fit well, and be durable. Food and beverages have to taste good, and electronics have to work.

Therefore Steve Jobs was able to use his advertising to bond with his customers on many levels. The slogan “Resistance is Futile” comes from one of his earliest and innovative commercials. It was backed up with a superb product line that innovated with every addition. Today Apple customers are some of the most loyal customers on the planet. They truly believe that they are part of something much bigger than computers and phones.

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