Enjoy Enigmatic Kerala Holiday – Spend Time in God’s Own Country

People of present era live a faster life than ever before. Modern life of humdrum increases the significance of holidays largely. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the up coming vacation in the lap of nature you can plan a trip to Kerala. Kerala holiday can help you to get rid of the hectic schedule.

Kerala, which is located in the southern part of India, is surrounded by Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. This unique position grants marvelous scenic beauty to Kerala. It is perhaps the only place in India, where you can enjoy all beautiful varieties of nature including mountain ranges, waterfalls, forests and even sea beaches as well. Moreover, Kerala has also a rich history enriched cultural uniqueness with festivals, customs, and arts that keep on flourishing. All these attract the worldwide tourists to Kerala.

Backwater trip in Kerala

One of the unique attractions of Kerala holiday is its backwater. The backwaters of Kerala are a mess of waterways and canals that connect several large water bodies. You can find several backwaters in Kerala among which Alleppey Backwater, Kollam Backwater, Kumarakom Backwater, Kasargod Backwater are worthy to be mentioned. The extraordinary scenic beauty of the backwaters has the power to mesmerize the visitors.

You can enjoy a pleasure filled time amidst the charming natural beauty that even maintain a wide array of biodiversity that includes various species of birds, innumerable species aquatic animals and different other wild animals. You can even take the pleasure, comfort and luxury of houseboat tours that would offer you astounding memories to be cherished forever.

Spend Your Kerala Holiday during Onam

Alappuzha is another destination of Kerala for nature lovers. This place is known as “Venice of the East” for its splendid scenic beauty with serene lakes, several backwaters and lagoons. All these offer the visitors mesmerizing vistas of natural appeals. If you are planning the tour during Onam, you can consider yourself lucky enough to visualize on spot the world famous boat race.

Enjoy the tour to Kollam and Kochi

When you are spending your Kerala holiday in Kollam, you can enjoy the splendor of best waterways surrounded by greenery. Kochi offers the visitors some beautiful tea gardens and exciting golden sea beaches. Moreover, you can relish the calm surroundings of this religious spot that would help you to refresh your soul from the daily humdrum of your tiresome life.

Visit the Capital

Thiruvananthapuram is the metropolis that is rested between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats. The calm scenic beauty of the capital city of Kerala attracts numerous tourists across the world. The placid surroundings of Thiruvananthapuram grant it the title of “the ever green city of India.” Colorful culture, aromatic spices, serene beaches, lush green surroundings makes the city attractive to the worldwide tourists.

Throughout the year, a humid equatorial climate welcomes you to enjoy your Kerala holiday. Therefore, if you want to gather a tranquil experience in the lap of nature, plan your tour to God’s own country.  Contact the team of Kerala Travel Centre today to arrange the best of travel package for your desired Kerala holiday.

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