Finding Affordable Washer and Dryer Parts

by | May 28, 2013 | Shopping

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Maytag, Speed Queen, UniMac; today’s roughest, toughest commercial laundromat machines are heavy-duty and still need regular repairs. There’s just no way of working 24hours a day, 7 days a week, without breaking down now and again. The good news is it’s fairly easy to track which washer and dryer parts you’re going to need on a regular basis. Given that information, it isn’t difficult to find reliable, affordable supplies online.

Quality and Value

You can find some superbly cheap washer and dryer parts online. Most of them are made in China or a nearby Asian neighbor. These parts may claim to be compatible with the latest models and brands, but you run the risk of getting a shipment in that needs more adjustments to work than the savings are worth. Instead, you can pay a bit more for parts you know will work, and it’s still possible to get a good deal.

The most important piece of the value equation is whether something is convenient. Factory or compatible parts make your job easier. Even at a slight increase, they’re a better choice than fighting with someone over the price of individual units. It’s often easier than expected for someone to negotiate stellar bulk rates.

Negotiating with Websites

Some business owners just want to keep their heads low and find a trusted partner who will do the job they need on time. While there’s nothing wrong with this method, there is potential for massive savings for those brave enough to give it a try. Sending an email to an online business selling washer and dryer parts with a quote from another website will give you leverage when it comes to asking for a cut in price.

You should also keep in mind that regular customers are valued customers and that being turned down for one deal doesn’t mean you’re doomed to a life of paying retail. After you’ve done business together a few times, go ahead and ask again. Showing them what other websites are charging for similar merchandise is the likeliest way to get a deal. However, it doesn’t hurt to reference past sales and the amount of money you’ve already spent.

Finding a reliable source for washer and dryer parts is important when you run a business. You want to focus on quality to keep your machines up and running for as long as you can. In addition, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal available. Sometimes this means purchasing in larger numbers, and sometimes this means coming out and asking for a break. In the end, the worst thing a business can do is say no. Potential benefits are more than worth the risk.