Getting Ready for your First Airsoft Game

Airsoft is an adrenaline pumping game filled with excitement, skill and action. If you are looking at starting airsoft there are a few things you will need and a few tips you can use to avoid looking like a novice.

What you should wear:

Even tough guys would probably confess getting hit hurts especially on bare skin. It hurts even worse the first couple of times, exposed skin or covered. Here’s what you’ll want to wear your first time out:

  • Mask

  • Anti-fog goggles

  • Old long sleeved shirt and pants

  • Athletic cup for guys

  • Appropriate protective gear

  • Breast padding for girls

  • Scarf for your throat (hurts real bad without one)

Equipment and Gear Must Haves

Whether you are renting or buying there are a few things you will really want to have your first time out to avoid getting massacred:

  • Plenty of ammo depending on your weapon of choice

  • Choice of weapon(s) such as Airsoft spring pistols and rifles

  • CO2 is needed for your weapon

  • Camouflage depending on where you are playing

  • Water to stay hydrated

Getting Ready to Play

If you’re anal about everything you do you might want to scope out the playing field so you know what you’re up against. You could be playing against a team of weekend warriors and they will cream you just because they know the layout. You also want to make sure you know your weapon. If you are renting this is more difficult. If this is going to be a hobby you want to take time practising including loading your gun. Before the game fire a few just to make sure nothing is jammed or put in wrong. Make sure you are playing against a team that has followed airsoft etiquette and have had their weapons chronoed. Nothing hurts more than getting hit by a BB that is faster then the recommended speed of safety. Make sure your Airsoft spring pistols and rifles are safe as well as you don’t want to hurt anyone. This is meant to be fun.

This is just a few newbie tips to get you started. You will get into the game the more you play. The important thing is you play fair and safe to get the most enjoyment out of the game. Contact Airsoft GI, we are one of the oldest online airsoft retailers in the industry with over 15,000 airsoft products.

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