Having Your Car Painted to Cover Scratches

by | May 2, 2013 | Automotive

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Whether you’ve been in a small accident that left your car needing repair or you’ve gotten a scratch on your car and need it fixed, painting your car can go a long way towards making your car look good again.

When it comes to an accident, you’re going to probably need parts of your car replaced. A good car repairman will fix your car, but you are still going to need the car painted in order to cover the scratches. When you take your car to a shop specializing in Auto Body Paint Lawrence KS, you can be assured that your car will be painted so that it matches the rest of the car, and that you won’t be able to tell your car was in an accident. The same thing applies for if you find out your car has been scratched.

The shop doing your Auto Body Paint will begin by matching the color of your car to the colors of paint they have available. When they have found the right color, they will begin the work on your car. Standard practice is to first sand the area around the scratches. This is so that the new paint will stick and blend in with the old paint. A primer is applied to help keep the color from soaking into the metal on your car. The basecoat is then applied. This is the color, and it is usually sprayed onto the car so that it is nice and even. After the basecoat has been applied, a clearcoat is applied. This is a transparent coat of pain that will protect your paint job and make it shine.

After you have left the shop doing your Auto Body Paint Lawrence KS, your car will look like it did before the accident or scratch. This means that your car will be ready to drive again, and no one will be able to tell that your car was involved in an accident. If you need your car looking new again, make sure that you take it to a specialist before trying to do it yourself. Your car will look better and be finished quickly so you can be on the road again.