Help with Ohio Title Search and Title Insurance

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Real Estate

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A home is the biggest purchase most people will make in their lives. Taking all of the precautions to ensure that the process is smooth and problem free is key. One important aspect that should be taken care of is having the title of the home. There are many ohio title search companies that will help a homeowner obtain their title and have the protection and security that they need.

Having a title can ensure that the homeowner is protected against many things. That being said, a title examiner can miss certain things that are important. There are many things included in the ohio title search that can easily be missed. It’s often recommended to have a form of title insurance to protect homeowners from any issues that may arise.

A lien for example can cause issues later on that a form of title insurance can help with. Liens are basically claims that against a property that become a homeowner’s responsibility after it’s purchased. This can include a number of different things from unpaid mortgages and taxes. Should an examiner miss any of these liens during their initial ohio title search, a homeowner would be responsible for these liens. They can amount to thousands and thousands of dollars.

An issue with invalid deeds can be protected with title insurance as well. This is when a seller transfers a title to a new homeowner without actually owning the title themselves. Issues with this can be extremely cumbersome and sometimes may even cause the new homeowner to lose the house.

While titles have loads of important information such as these in them, it’s common for examiners to miss some during the ohio title search. A title insurance company would help settle the case or defend the case in court should they need it. Their knowledge and professionalism can make a huge difference in the outcome. These title search ohio companies will often not take responsibility, causing issues to fall onto the new homeowner’s hands. With help from a title insurance company, issues can be resolved quickly and effectively. Often times, the insurance company will also cover costs that incur while defending the title. All it takes is a bit of research to protect the title and the home.

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