How To Find A Reputable Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer

by | Aug 17, 2013 | Lawyers

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Searching for a reputable and reliable Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer can be a difficult and time-consuming task. When you’re in need of a criminal attorney, time may not be on your side. Your court appearance is coming up and you need adequate representation. Or you’re sitting in jail and need someone to provide legal assistance and representation in hopes of reducing or dropping the charges against you.

If you are facing drunk driving charges, it is very necessary to take your time and contact a criminal law firm for the best Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer who thoroughly understands the DUI laws in your area. Make sure the attorney understands the DUI laws in your area and not some other jurisdiction. The laws vary depending on what city you were charged with the DUI. Make sure the attorney has experience handling criminal law cases and criminal defense laws. Any attorney worth their salt will be well-versed in criminal law and have some training or experience handling criminal cases. Your freedom is depending on it.

Be sure you have a long conversation with the attorney before you choose one. Explain your entire case to them. Don’t withhold information or evidence it can come back to haunt you and ruin the effectiveness of the case. If your chances are not looking good that you will be able to escape jail time, perhaps the attorney can work out a deal with the prosecuting attorney and either lower your sentencing or reduce some of the charges. But that won’t happen if you are not upfront or if you withhold information from your attorney.

Since you need to be honest with the attorney, you want them to be honest too. Make sure you can trust them. Ask questions and then try and verify what they say based on research or what you know is common practice. No reputable lawyer will tell you upfront they can win your case without knowing about your case. If they say this, it’s probably a good indication to find someone else. The court system is a long and tedious process. Be patient with the attorney and expect him or her to be patient with you as well. Be sure you both are open to communication. And make sure the attorney is clearly interested in your case.