How to Plan a Hudson River Rafting Trip

If you’ve always wanted to go to New York but prefer an outdoor, active vacation, you can have the best of both worlds when you include Hudson River rafting in your itinerary. While you are in the state of New York, there are a few things you must see, such as the Statue of Liberty and a Broadway play, but once you are done with the tourist attractions, you should make sure to save time for outdoor activities, such as Hudson River rafting and hiking or biking near the Hudson River.

Adirondack Mountains

The Adirondack Mountains of New York provide numerous whitewater rivers that provide numerous rafting experiences, from Class I to Class V. The most exciting part of the Adirondack Mountains river rafting is the Hudson River Gorge, which is reserved for the most experienced whitewater rafters. There are 17 miles in total, giving rafters of all levels an unforgettable experience in the waters of New York. Determining your level of whitewater rafting experience, as well as the levels of those traveling with you, will help you choose the right package for your group.

Camping or Condo

After you decide the best place and time of year to go on a Hudson River rafting trip, you will need to determine the type of accommodations you and your traveling party want on your vacation. There are a variety of packages available from different companies, including camping trips or trips that include accommodations in a lodge or condo. If your group prefers a true outdoor vacation, camping on the Hudson River will further enhance the excitement of your vacation. If you would rather spend your time outdoors participating in sports and your nights indoors in a bed, a condo or lodge package is a better choice for you.

Extra Excursions

Many packages offer a variety of other excursions in addition to Hudson River rafting. Determining the extra excursions everyone in your traveling party will like will help you choose the right package. A few of the options that might be included are mountain biking trips up Gore Mountain, tours through the caves of the Adirondack Mountains, fly fishing, tubing and water skiing. There is an activity for everyone at the Adirondack Mountains.

If you are planning a trip to New York and wish to include a Hudson River rafting trip into it, take your time to do your research. There are many packages available for the beginner rafter and the most experienced. Putting the perfect package together will allow everyone in your party to have a great vacation in New York.

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