How To Repair Cracked Circuit Boards

by | May 31, 2013 | Electronics and Electrical

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One of the major shortcomings of modern circuit boards is that they are too thin. Although they are too flexible, there is high probability that the circuit board may crack during the installation process or during its shipping stage. Breakage of the circuit board leads to damage of the circuit pathways which must be repaired if the device is to function. It is important that you have the right repairing tools to carry out the repairs in a proficient manner. Having a circuit board repair kit provides you with all the tools that you may need to do you repairs in a successful and professional way. Here are a few tips of how to carry out successful repairs.

Determine If The Cracked Circuit Board Is Reparable

Before beginning to perform your repairs, take your time to check whether the cracked section can be repaired. It does not matter if there are separate circuit paths on the top and bottom of the board, there are tools that allow you to perform your repairs. Check the layers in the cross section of the board, if they are evident, the board is a multi-layered and therefore should be scrapped.

Brace The Board

Bracing the board allows you to prevent the cracked section from worsening. However, this may not be necessary if the board has enough support. In case the board may flex after mounting, consider using a non-;conductive or glue to fix a small plastic rod or a blank circuit board along the cracked section. Wait for the areas with glue to dry before working on the circuit board.

Make Use Of The Circuit Repair Kit

Use the different circuit board repair kits to remove any component that may appear damaged. Use a multi-meter to test any component that you think was not damaged. Note the specific position of each component and replace it with an equivalent one. Trim all the loose circuit pathways and check that they are still attached in the right place. Use a piece of unused solder together with soldering iron to seal the cracked area. Having the Circuit Board Repair Kit with you will make your repairs look good as new.