Ideal Candidate for Teeth Whitening Parsippany

Although teeth whitening procedures are very popular, it’s import to note that they are not for everyone. Understanding whether or not you are an ideal candidate is important to not only your oral health but also the type of results you’ll receive from this procedure.

Ideal Candidates

An ideal candidate for a Teeth Whitening Chicago procedure includes individuals who have healthy teeth and gums without any fillings.

Non-Ideal Candidates

Age restrictions – Individuals who are under the age of 16 would not be considered a candidate for teeth whitening. The nerve, or pulp chamber, of the tooth is enlarged until the age of 16. Tooth whitening would only irritate this enlarged nerve and cause sensitivity issues.

Allergies – Any person who is allergic to peroxide is not a candidate for teeth whitening because it is the agent used to change the color of the teeth. Also, patients with sensitive teeth or gums may want to consider other options.

Cavities – Patients who suffer from cavities would also not be considered an ideal candidate. All cavities need to be treated before a whitening session should ever be considered. The whitening solution used by the dental professional will penetrate any existing tooth decay which can cause sensitivity issues. Additionally, patients who suffer from gum disease or issues with exposed tooth roots should also not undergo this treatment method.

Unrealistic expectations – Any person who is expecting their teeth to be a pearly white after just one treatment session, does not have realistic expectations and is probably not an ideal candidate. In the same manner that your teeth changed color over time, it will also take time to brighten them. It’s also important to remember that these results have to be maintained. If you were a smoker or consumed a large amount of color-staining beverages, a change in your habits will be necessary if you plan to maintain your Teeth Whitening Parsippany results.

There are a number of other factors that will also determine if you are an ideal candidate, that only a dental professional can determine. As a general rule of thumb, any person considering a teeth whitening option, be it in-home or in-office, should first consult with their general dentist in Parsippany to have examination of their teeth performed. It’s important to ensure both your teeth and gums are healthy before moving forward.

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