Kentucky Small Business Funding without the Hassle

If you’re a business owner and are in need of small business funding to get your company off of the ground, private lenders may be the right solution for you. Applying through institutional and local banks or other sources often takes time, and generally, they base their decisions largely on applicants’ credit scores. So, if your score isn’t necessarily the best, yet you need cash to set your business in motion, look no further than a private capital lender. The application process is simple and requires no upfront fees or charges. You can apply for funds ranging anywhere from $10,000 to $400,000, and repayment plans are generally straightforward and easier to cope with than with other lenders.

Fast and Fair Applications

Once you’ve completed the application for Kentucky small business funding, private lenders will take a number of factors into consideration that will help them assess your overall risk as a borrower. They tend to focus more on your business’s revenue and how you’ll make use of the funds distributed to you, instead of your credit score. Because private lenders follow their own underwriting terms and policies, a denial or approval is reached in as little as five days. If approved, you’ll have access to your funds quickly and will be able to get your business affairs in order without unnecessary delay.

Convenient Repayment

Another benefit of receiving Kentucky small business funding from a private lender is the fact that repayment is made infinitely easier. Instead of monthly payments, daily deductions are made from the business’ checking account. While this may not immediately seem beneficial, it makes life simpler for business owners on the whole. Not having to invest so much in the managing of money and putting aside enough cash to make one large monthly payment takes the stress off the borrower. Withdraws are made for you, and if your business is generating daily income, meeting the specified daily payment should be simple enough. Contact World Business Lenders, our specialists will be more than happy to tell you why we are the best choice for your business funding needs.

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