Locating Geriatric Home Care Resources

by | Sep 25, 2013 | Health Care

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Finding a suitable professional to provide excellent geriatric home care is not always easy. You have to consider the backgrounds of individual applicants, or if you choose to use an agency, you will need to consider the credibility of the agency. Furthermore, understanding why there may be a high turnover in a geriatric-based agency is also important. As the caretaker of a loved one in need of geriatric home care, you will find that doing your due diligence is a must. If you are at a crossroads and just are not sure what to look for in elder care, start with the list below.

Compassion for Seniors
Believe it or not, and as trivial as it may sound, compassion is an essential element in providing excellent geriatric home care. The unfortunate reality is that you may encounter people who are not compassionate – the top element on their radar is a paycheck. If you find that compassion is not revered as a central focal point with an individual or an agency in the elder care business, it may be a wise idea to avoid doing business with them.

Verifiable Medical Background
It is important to check the credentials provided by both individuals and agencies. While most ensure that certified nursing professionals are on staff, there are other companies that may forgo education credentials for their staff. Look out for individuals who may only have a certificate instead of a nursing or full medical background. This needs to be considered because whether you believe it or not, staff from an elder care agency and individuals that solely provide home-based service will be providing medical assistance to your loved one. In this case, it is best that they are certified.

Reference List
It is not a bad thing to request a list of references from the individual that you choose to hire. It actually is very necessary in this day and age. For example, just as it is not uncommon for people to request references from nannies, it is completely not uncommon for references to be requested on geriatric care professionals. Having this list in hand will give you the opportunity to explore the work ethic of the professional through speaking with their former employers.

Senior Center Input
You might be surprised to find out that many senior centers have information on home care professionals. One telephone call may be all it would take in order to get vital information on a potential geriatric home service provider. This is an ignored option by many, but when you consider the fact that many seniors go to senior centers, the possibility of getting information on an applicant becomes relevant.

The Local Library
Believe it or not, there are some home care professionals that advertise their services in the local library. Tons of seniors opt to go to the library during business hours which makes it an attractive place for professionals to advertise their services. Checking the bulletin board or even asking a librarian can be useful in getting necessary information on a professional or agency.

Finding the right home care professional is not hard to do. Following the above-mentioned tips and pointers may prove exceedingly helpful with your search. If, by chance, you have searched and have not yielded expected results, take a look at Capitalcitynurses.com. The friendly professionals at Capital City Nurses are well qualified to meet your needs.