Maintenance Agreements For Air Conditioning Repair In Midlothian TX

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Air Conditioning and Heating

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The best way to keep in good with your air conditioner and your local air conditioning repair company is to have a standard maintenance agreement. The local company will be able to assist you in times when is convenient for both of you. An emergency is the worst time to call an HVAC, heating ventilating and air conditioning, company because chances are the weather is extreme and other people are having emergencies as well. Ask your local air conditioning repair contractor in Midlothian TX what the different programs are for maintenance of your unit.

There are a few things that an owner can do on a regular basis and then there is the semi-annual inspection that a professional can do. The regular maintenance includes changing your air filters on a monthly basis. Listen for abnormal noises either coming from the vents or from the outside unit. Clear the areas surrounding the unit from debris such as leaves and dirt that are obviously obstructing. If you do have a semi-annual inspection performed you do not need to clean the coils, but if not, a cleaning is an easy recommendation to keep your system working properly.

A few years ago, it was legal for a regular HVAC owner to buy and fill up Freon levels in their units. This is no longer the case and it is a standard check that comes with Circle L Services and their Air Conditioning Repair Midlothian TX maintenance program. Checking for refrigerant levels, inspecting coils, fans, motor, blades, control box, compressor and tubing should come standard with an inspection. Ask your service repairman if there is a warranty on their inspections.

Consider how much of a service charge you are required to pay when you have an emergency on your HVAC. If you are lucky, you experience a lack of proper heating or cooling during the normal work hours and a regular service charge is likely to be under $100. If it is truly an emergency during after hours or the weekend you could face a bill of double that plus parts and labor. A maintenance program is scheduled and can avoid major problems and cost a fraction of the amount of an emergency service call.