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by | Apr 29, 2013 | Hotel

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Hundreds of companies every year choose London as the general area for their annual meetings. They can be from London, the outskirts of London or any other part of the UK but they choose London because of its attraction and choice of meeting places. The purpose of a company meeting might be to discuss the yearly progress and goals or it may simply be for the purpose of getting all the employees together under one roof to let them keep abreast of changes, news and profits. Most companies will offer a weekend meeting so that employees can visit the city, do a little sightseeing and of course, the obligatory shopping trip. When this is the case, the company will pay for accommodation so that their guests can enjoy a weekend – even if it means spending a day in the boardroom – to explore a city they may not normally visit or see.

A company looking to have a meeting venues in central London would need a few services to make sure that they get their needs met. For instance, most hotels offer meeting rooms and conference facilities, but many offer free secure parking as well. If your company is looking for the perfect hotel to accommodate your staff and employees for your annual general meeting, or simply an employee fun trip, you should look for the best kind of accommodation within reason. You may still be working to a limit within your company’s budget, so there are a few things you might want to check out before you make your booking.

Initially, you might like to find out if the hotel offers a daily cleaning service in the rooms, whether the rooms and the hotel reception and lobby area have free Wi-Fi for all guests and whether there is a laundry services. Some of these items may not be essential to all your guests, but for the few who might need them it is worth finding out if they are free. Of course, a hotel should also have a bar and restaurant for guests to enjoy an evening drink and a meal. You may also want to look into their banqueting facilities in case you wish to provide the meal for all your employees. For conferences you might need TV or DVD facilities, so make sure those come in with the price too, as well as a good size room for all your staff to hear you from the back. Sizes vary from two people to around three or four hundred, so check with the hotel first.

Other hotels also offer tours of the city, but you will probably have to pay extra for those, so unless you wish to provide your employees with a paid trip, advise them beforehand that it does cost money, should they choose to take it.

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