Mitel Phone System: Taking your Office on the Go

Today, if a business does not operative efficiently and productively, they simply do not succeed. Rather than cutting corners and trying to make ends meet, you can simplify your communications needs and expand your abilities with the Mitel phone system. With employees constantly in and out of the office, making sales calls, attending meetings off site or working from home, the communications needs become more difficult.

Housing your own communication sources can become difficult and unproductive. Routing calls and staying in touch with employees turns into a timely task that isn’t always successful. Choosing a phone system with a reputable communications company will allow you to operate productively and reduce your costs, allowing you to be more profitable.

Streamline the Process

When you use the Mitel phone system for your company’s communication, there is no more danger of missing an important call. The integration of the Mitel system allows everyone to have one phone number that will reach them anywhere they are. Your employees could be in the office, on a mobile phone or even at home and the call will get to them. This eliminates frustrating voicemail messages and angry customers who need an answer now.

Productivity is greatly increased by implementing a sophisticated and reliable phone system. Rather than giving employees a voicemail box for every phone, they can all be integrated into one central voicemail, allowing employees to spend less time checking messages and more time solving problems or making sales.

The Office on the Go

The sophisticated phone system can handle all devices they require, whether it is the desktop computer, wireless phone, tablet or any other device. Have it all integrated so you are constantly “plugged in” to the network at the office, taking the office with you wherever you go. This allows employees to work from home, right from the customer’s location or even from the car.

Efficient Customer Service

Put the days of unhappy customers and frustrated employees behind you. Communication can now be an efficient process, giving customers the answers they need right away.

Employees also have the ability to close the sale now, rather than dealing with back and forth phone calls. The days of too many voicemails and frustrating wait times are gone with the Mitel phone system. Choose from a variety of options for how to route calls to ensure every customer reaches the right person the first time.

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