Occasions for Custom Polo Shirts

T shirts are nice but polo shirts take a step up. Custom polo shirts will give you the gold star. Maybe you are in charge of designing shirts for your women’s tennis team, golf group or other type of society women or men’s group. Seriously consider choosing custom polo shirts for class and sophistication.

What to Customize

There are different things that will make a shirt custom and unique. You do not want to only put on it a generic word like “Golf Club” or “Women’s Tennis.” You want something that makes it your own. If you’re on a tennis team, it should have a name. If not, give it a name. The custom polo shirts should also have the individual’s name on it. You also may have a symbol you’ve custom designed for your group. That also sets it apart and adds to the glamour and uniqueness. If you do not have specific colors, maybe the group should vote on the colors used for the polo shirts and the printing. If the entire group has something to say about the design of the shirt, all will feel it is personally theirs.

Types of Occasions

Sometimes you think custom polo shirts are used for teams or groups as was discussed above. However, that is not always the case. Almost any event can be made special and commemorated with a polo shirt. Maybe a senior member of a company is retiring. Why not make that an event to boost company spirit and custom design a shirt with the company name on it.

It is not necessary to put everything on the shirt about the event. It is a company event so make it an occasion when everybody gets a new company shirt. Maybe it is the company’s annual picnic. Memorialize it with a custom polo shirt.

Marketing Tools

Anything custom is a wonderfully effective marketing tool. If you want your customers to advertise for you, give them a custom polo shirt to wear. Everywhere that customer goes people will know about your company. Your customers don’t even have to say a word.

Particularly if employees in your company are on the sales force and out among consumers all day, he or she must have a custom polo shirt with the name of the company, the salesperson’s name and phone number to make a greater impact.

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