Personalized Options for Quinceanera Favors

by | Oct 31, 2012 | Gifts

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A quinceanera is a very personal celebration, created so each young woman can have the celebration of her dreams. One of the most customizable areas of the party is the quinceanera favors you choose for the party. When you choose personalized favors for the party, you are choosing to show the guest of honor and all her guests that she is special and deserves this recognition. If you want personalized favors, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Candles are a great favor to give away at the party. Not only will they serve as decorations on the table, the tins in which the candles come can be personalized with the guest of honor’s name and her birthdate. Each guest will be able to take one of these candles home and always remember the young lady when they light the candle or see it sitting on the shelf at home. The candles come in a variety of colors and styles to fit any theme.

Candy is another option for quinceanera favors that allows for the greatest customization. When you purchase personalized candy jars, you will be able to fill them with any kind of candy that will please your guests. For instance, you can put any small chocolate candies or mints for your guests to enjoy either at the party or afterward.

There are many other personalized options that aren’t as common when it comes to favors. These more uncommon favors can be more memorable with the guests at the party. Some examples of these unique favors include personalized packages of hot cocoa mix, personalized seed packets and personalized notebooks. Each of these options can give your guests something they can really use after they leave. Hot cocoa mix will give them something they can enjoy; seed packets can be planted, giving guests a beautiful gift in remembrance of the special young lady; and notebooks make a good place to make notes in your life.

Quinceanera favors should be something that personally reflects on the young lady who is celebrating her special day. What better way to do this than provide your guests with personalized favors? Everything from candles and candy jars to mixes, seed packets and notebooks can be used to provide your guests with a good way to remember the young lady’s special day. When you give your guests something useful, they will remember your day for even longer.