Private Drinking Water Supply? A Plumber in Olympia, WA Can Keep in Clean

When homes aren’t located near a public drinking water system, the homeowner has to have a private well that provides drinking water to the family. This is a major responsibility and the homeowner should find a Plumber in Olympia, WA to ensure that the family always has a reliable source of sanitary drinking water. This begins with a deep well that has a reliable water source. After that the well should be fitted with the appropriate filtration system.

Often it’s not about dangerous chemicals in the water supply. Homeowners may start to notice a red ring around the drain. They also might notice that they have a hard time getting their shampoo or body soap to lather. The red ring indicates that they have too much iron in the water. When soap won’t lather that means that the homeowner has hard water. That refers to too much calcium in the water. A Pump and Filtration LLC company will know how to add a treatment tank to the plumbing system to compensate for these unwanted substances.

After the tank in place the homeowner has to add beads at certain intervals. These beads absorb the excess iron and calcium. However they only have a limited capacity. When they are full, then the homeowner has to add more. If these aren’t used the iron will stain clothes as they are washed. The hard water is called hard because the calcium forms microscopic granules in the water. While the homeowner might not be able to feel them in their hands, over time they can ruin metal pipes and the fibers in materials.

West Coast Plumbing contractors know how to evaluate these conditions and ensure that the water quality remains high. When a family is responsible for their own water system, it’s important that they have regular inspections. The plumber will make sure that all of the motors and belts are working properly. They’ll also inspect the pipes for any leaks. This is especially important in drought-prone areas where water can be in short supply. If a septic system is on the property, the plumber has to be careful that the two systems are a safe distance apart.

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