Purchasing an Ice Block for Sculpting: Read Below for Tips

It’s the event of the season: you have your hors d’oeuvres, main meal, and desserts all planned out with the caterer. You’ve got the flower arrangements, table settings and lighting all set up. But what does this event really need? An ice sculpture is the ideal finishing touch to give your celebration an extra element of flair and style.

Shop for Quality
Not all ice blocks are created equal — some ice distributors sell perfectly clear blocks while others offer only sub-par products and materials. When purchasing an ice block for carving, you want a producer who freezes only pure, filtered water for both the appearance and the hygienic considerations of the ice. Your sculpture may be placed close to the food you’re serving, or it might be on a level where children can (and will) touch it during the evening. Make sure it’s made from only clean water and processed with a “green” method to eliminate contaminants and bubbles.

Expect Excellent Service
You want to be treated like the most important customer the company has ever had, every single time you order. Look for businesses with easy-to-access websites and a courteous answer when you call on the phone for inquiries. Delivery, while not to be expected, should always be an option, especially when ordering a larger ice block Suffolk County, NY. Professionals here want you to be happy with the service you get for your first event so you’ll keep coming back to them for all the events you hold in the future.

Get Answers to Your Questions
Maybe you’re wondering about the quantity of ice cubes you should order in addition to the block you need for carving. Or maybe you’re ready to pay top dollar for an ice sculpture but you have no clue how to find a carving artist. The staff at your ice distributor should always be willing to help answer any questions you have so your event runs as smoothly as possible.

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