Reasons an Epoxy Floor is a Wise Choice

An epoxy floor is poured into place so it is seamless. That means there are no cracks or grout that can harbor dirt, grease, or bacteria. Maintenance is drastically reduced compared to tile, wood, carpet, or linoleum, which saves time and money for business, factory, and homeowners. That is one reason the material is a wise choice for new flooring and remodeling. It also makes a difference in the maintenance of walls, furniture, machinery, equipment, and curtains or window treatments. Eliminating the buildup of debris also creates a cleaner and more sanitary environment, which is healthier for employees, family members, customers, and visitors. Excess water, flooding, or severe humidity will not result in mold growth.

The floor is also slip resistant and resists stains because it is waterproof. No waxing is required because experienced installers, such as Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation, can add a permanent high gloss finish. There are limitless design possibilities for an epoxy floor. Colors, patterns, embellishments, photographs and business logos can be included when the floor is initially installed. Custom designs are offered, and innovative looks developed or created by customers can be incorporated into the new floor. Blocks of color can be laid down to delineate rows, sections, or hazardous areas. That increases safety in commercial factories and facilities.

This type of flooring is ideal for just about any commercial or residential setting. Poured seamless floors are more durable than other options. Epoxy is one material, but there are also others available. Urethane, acrylic, self-levelers and flexible materials and systems provide versatile solutions for preferences, unique needs, and budgetary constraints. Free estimates are available, as are recommendations for the best material. A professional can assess the area, learn about the particular intentions for the use of the space, and discuss the desired outcomes with the customer. The process is quick and efficient so it is perfect for new buildings, garages, and industrial renovations. Before deciding on traditional flooring, explore the advantages of seamless materials. Take the time to compare installation, maintenance, and replacement costs. Look up examples of seamless floors online to get an idea of how beautiful they are when completed. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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