Reasons Parking Lot Striping in Riverside, CA is Important

The parking lot is the first interaction a customer has with your company. Having adequate parking along with a well maintained parking lot helps gives the customer a good impression of your store or property when they pull in. If a customer cannot find a parking spot because they are not clearly labeled or they can’t find one because other consumers have double parked because there are no clear cut lines, it could mean the difference between a sale or purchase. The customer may not even get out of their car, taking their business elsewhere. The last thing any business wants is to turn away customers before they even enter their store.

For busy plazas such as in Riverside, CA Parking Lot Striping in Precision Paving is a must. It is important that your customers be able to get in your parking lot and into your store quickly and easily. Most consumers are in a rush and want the convenience of a quick in and out trip. Parking Lot Striping in Riverside, CA is often done to maintain parking lots of businesses to help them better cater to their clientele. There are generally three different types of parking lot striping. They include:


Re-striping is simply have the existing lines repainted over so they are more vivid and easier for customers to see. Many times it is done before or after business hours so it has little to no impact on the business owner or the clients they service.

Re-stripping to existing and pattern overseal coat

This is where the entire lot is resealed and new lines are then re-striped where the old lines used to be. The lines are still visible after it is sealed, but they will still need to be re-striped because the coating will take away their color.

New layouts

This is where the entire parking lot is completely restructured. For a new business they will seal the lot and do stripes. For an existing parking lot it will be resealed and then lines will be placed in different places. This is often done to maximize parking spaces to accommodate larger quantities of vehicles.

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