Sedative Methods Used in Dentistry

A sedative is a drug that is used in the medical or dental field. Drugs that are categorized as sedatives will help the patients deal with anxiety, feel less pain and be able to better cope with a dental procedure. When these medications are administered to a patient, it is known as sedation dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry Oklahoma City can include sedation that is moderate, mild, deep sedation or general sedation. The type of sedation used depends greatly on what type of dental procedure the patient is having. It is also determined by how anxious or nervous the patient is about the procedure. When mild sedation is used, this just takes the edge off and provides minimal relaxation for the patient. When moderate sedation is used it will provide more relaxation than minimal sedation. More serious dental or dental-surgical procedures may require the use of deep or general sedation. This is the type of sedation that will put the patient to sleep for a period of time.

Many Dentists use various types of sedation for their patients. Probably the most common reason for sedation is the fact that many patients suffer from a great deal of anxiety when going to the dentist. This even happens when they are having a procedure that isn’t painful. Some people are just terrified of dental procedures. Secondary to the anxiety factor, some dental procedures are painful. A dentist does not want to inflict pain on their patients but sometimes it cannot be avoided. Those are the two main reasons that the use of Sedation Dentistry Oklahoma City is used.

Whatever type of sedation is used by any dentist, they are required to follow safety regulations. They must also follow administration directions to ensure they don’t give too little or too much of a sedative. Guidelines to all sedatives apply and the dentist and their staff must adhere to those guidelines.

The need of each patient can differ which is why Dentists have options when it comes to using sedatives. They will not use them unnecessarily but when the need arises, the medication is there for them to use. The use of sedation can help you cope with any dental procedures you need done.

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