Services Offered by a New York Cosmetic Dentist

When you need to have cosmetic dentistry, you want to know you are getting the best service available. This type of service can truly improve a person’s appearance and self-confidence so it is very important that a patient be completely satisfied. There are a variety of different things that are done by a New York Cosmetic Dentist and the time it takes to complete depends upon the type of service it is.

Determining which type of cosmetic dentistry you need will require an initial consultation with the dentist. He can give you various options as to what can be done to improve the condition of the smile. This could include services such as teeth bleaching, teeth straightening, or the application of lumineers.

Bleaching can make a huge difference in the whiteness of the teeth. It can make teeth look from three to as much as seven shades whiter. This can be done over several visits with gradual improvement or for a more advanced treatment, you can have intense whitening that makes an extreme difference almost instantly. Bleaching can give you a brighter, whiter smile that is a great boost in self-confidence.

If teeth are crooked, there are a few different options for teeth straightening. This may include wearing a retainer for a pre-determined amount of time. If more correction is needed, traditional wire and bracket brackets can be put on. These may need to be worn for a few years, but can make the teeth much straighter and more attractive. Invisalign is another option in teeth straightening. These are a from of braces that are made of a clear plastic and can be removed when the wearer eats or brusshes the teeth.

Lumineers are also a service that is offered by a New York Cosmetic Dentist. This type of cosmetic dentistry, can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of the teeth. It can fix teeth that have chips, breaks or discoloration. Having lumineers installed, can make terribly crooked and damaged teeth look perfectly straight. This process can be done in one office visit and has been proven to be a great way to increase self esteem.

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