Shredding Services in Irvine Handle Document Destruction for All Types of Businesses

Several large companies have faced monetary penalties and serious embarrassment when it was discovered their employees dumped private documents in dumpsters instead of thoroughly shredding the papers in-house or hiring a professional shredding company to do the work. Professional Shredding Services in Irvine prevent this public relations disaster from occurring, as they destroy documents so the information could never be pieced back together by a would-be identity thief.

Types of Businesses

Destroying confidential documents is required by law of all businesses, no matter what the size. People commonly think of medical facilities as being the main keeper of sensitive information, especially since so much of the documentation is still done in writing and in print. Patients definitely do not want their personal health details to be compromised.

However, businesses in other industries also collect private information. Social Security numbers, bank account data, and credit card information are prime examples. All those organizations need Shredding Services in Irvine when it’s time to eliminate some of the old documentation that no longer needs to be stored.

Avoiding the Trash Bin

Employees may be well-intentioned when they throw confidential paperwork into a dumpster, figuring nobody would ever actually crawl into those disgusting containers looking for Social Security numbers or debit card details. These incidents have happened often enough, however, to prove that document destruction is crucial. Another aspect to the dumpster issue is that all that paper winds up in a landfill. In contrast, documents shredded by professional services are recycled into new paper products.

Professional Shredding

The process, as accomplished by a company such as Shred Confidential, also has advantages over the typical machinery used in homes and even in commercial facilities. Instead of simply cutting the papers into strips, it essentially pulverizes the material so it is impossible to reassemble. Strip-shredding is better than nothing, but it may not defeat a truly dedicated identity thief.

Without taking care to destroy private information, businesses not only are at risk of steep penalties from the government but of being hit with lawsuits as well. Please visit the website to learn more about this particular company.

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