Situations Where SR 22 Insurance is Necessary

An SR 22 insurance policy is usually obtained if one has committed a traffic offense. If you commit traffic offenses, the state will require you to obtain the SR 22 form from an insurance company and submit it to the licensing agency or the department of motor vehicles. The form will be proof that you have insurance coverage and the insurer can notify the state in case your cover lapses and you do not renew it. Once the form has been submitted, you will be allowed to keep driving as long as you pay your premium on time. Situations that call for SR 22 insurance in Knoxville include:

* DUI/ DWI offenses – In all states, DUI/DWI are very serious traffic offenses. If you are arrested with such offenses the punishment is usually fines, suspension of driving license or jail time. After you have served your punishment, you will be required to obtain an SR 22 form before you can go back to driving again. If your license was suspended, then you will require the form for it to be made valid again. In such a case, you will be required to consult your insurer and ask them to file the form for you.

* Driving while suspended – Most times when one is arrested for traffic offenses, the most common punishment is suspension. One can be suspended for driving under the influence and careless driving among many others. Depending on the complexity of the crime that you committed, the court will determine the duration within which you will not be allowed to drive. This may be for a few months of even years depending on the nature of the crime and your past driving record. In most cases when you are arrested for driving while suspended, you will be required to obtain a SR 22 insurance form.

* Driving with no insurance – When you buy a car, the first thing you should consider before taking it to the road is buying insurance. If the insurance cover lapses for one reason or another, you should apply for another one immediately. If the traffic officers realize that you have no cover, you will be arrested and the consequences are very severe. You will face a number of punishments and you will be required to obtain the SR 22 form. Since you do not have any cover, you should find a reputable insurance company and tell them that you want SR 22 insurance.

Once you find yourself in a situation that warrants SR 22 insurance, you should contact your insurer immediately so that they can process the details. After the form has been filed, you should ensure that you pay your premiums on time if you do not want to get into more trouble with the law.

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