Size Matters When It Comes To Remodeling

The size of your kitchen will play a major part in what you’ll be able to do when you’re ready to remodel it. You can expect a smaller cost and a shorter time frame for a smaller kitchen where a larger kitchen will more than likely cost most and will take a longer time to complete, depending on what all you want done. Other factors that can impact your remodeling include the shape of your kitchen and the location of load-bearing walls and plumbing. Take a nice long look at your kitchen as it is now to get a more realistic picture of what you have to work with.

For small kitchens, you can try to make more room by utilizing the pantry closet or a few feet from an adjoining room. If you find that you don’t really have any space to sacrifice, then you’ll want to open up. Large windows, and cathedral-style walls can really help with kitchen remodeling in New City NY. An island in the middle of your kitchen gives you more space to work with, as do cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling.

If you have a medium-sized kitchen that you’d like to open up for kitchen remodeling in New City NY, shifting the cooking range to the end of the counter as opposed to the middle can help a bit. You’d be surprised at how much an unbroken stretch of work space can help make it look as if you have a large kitchen. For kitchens that already have an island, tiered peninsulas, dining nooks with bench seating and built-in banquettes can give them even more space. If you can afford to lose a room next to the kitchen, you can expand that way as well.

Sometimes the only way to have a large kitchen in an old home is to build it on. Additions for kitchen remodeling in New City in NY give you room for a butcher block, small TV and cooking more meals at the same time if you like to have guests over. Large kitchens make it possible for you to have more than one island, a sink and a dishwasher, built-in workstations, a breakfast nook and high tech refrigerators. With your large kitchen, you have more freedom when it comes to decoration. Think of what your kitchen will look like with granite and marble tiles, dark cabinets and varying color patterns throughout.

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