The Benefits of a Timber Framing in Georgia Home Construction

Timber framing is one of the oldest methods of home building. It is also one of the sturdiest and most attractive, and most of the historic buildings in Europe that are hundreds or years old were built this way. It is still one of the most sturdy methods of construction, but fell out of favor in America with the advent of water-powered sawmills and commercially produced nails in favor of easier ways of building, like balloon framing, that did not require farmers and pioneers to learn skilled craftsmanship to build their own homes.

Now that building their own home is not an option for most people, timber framing is becoming popular again for custom-built homes. When asked why they choose Timber Framing Georgia builders and homeowners say it is more attractive and durable than standard platform framing and allows for more open floor plans without the need for multiple supporting walls and doors between each room.

Timber framing is often confused with post and beam construction, with some people using the two terms interchangeably, but there is a difference. Timber framing is a type of post and beam construction, because it uses upright posts supporting horizontal beams, but the difference between timber post and beam and timber framing is in how the wood is joined. Post and beam construction sometimes using metal brackets to fasten the timbers together, but true timber framed construction is built like a piece of fine furniture, using mortise and tenon or “dovetail” joins and wooden pegs, rather than metal brackets or nails. This traditional type of joinery is both beautiful and much more durable than other common methods of construction.

Another reason for the popularity of Best Timber Framing Georgia residents point out is the look of the exposed woods. Much like a log home, a timber frame home seems warm and sturdy and the frame itself becomes and aesthetic detail. The advantage over log homes is that timber frames do not settle and do not require frequent maintenance or sealing. Timber frame homes are also very energy efficient, using structural insulated panels in their construction which prevent air leaks and lower heating and cooling costs.

For homeowners looking for a beautiful, efficient, and long-lasting type of construction, traditional-style timber framing is one of the best available.





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