The Best Health and Wellness Information at your Fingertips!

We’re all guilty of using the internet to source the latest information on health, nutrition and wellness, but just how much can we rely on the information we find there?  Whilst using reputable websites to look up the latest news is fine, there are some websites which post unsubstantiated claims and misleading information, in particular when it comes to aspects of health and wellness such as dieting and weight loss.

Invest in a Book

This summer is a great time to kick-start your new healthy living regime, and where better to begin than by purchasing a health and wellness book from your local store (or online, if you’re too busy working out to make time for shopping!)  By investing in a book which addresses your healthy eating and exercise concerns, you can refer back to it whenever you like, taking notes in your copy and even lending it to friends, if you can bear to part with it!

A Balanced Approach

Some of the best health and wellness books are those written by qualified physicians and integrative medicine doctors.  They not only address the importance of being physically fit to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle, but also look at other aspects of wellness, such as maintaining a work-life balance, reducing stress, using alternative therapies and tips for time management.  It’s important to take a balanced approach to your health and wellbeing, and buying one of these books ensures your money will be well spent.

So take a trip to your local bookstore or head online today to order a book that could change your life – there are plenty of new releases and upcoming titles which are sure to be bestsellers, and once you’ve finished reading your one, you can swap with friends, so you’ll always have a book to hand to motivate and inspire you!

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An accomplished medical doctor, life coach and author, Dr Sanjay Jain MD specializes in transforming lives and takes an integrative approach to health, looking at happiness, work-life balance, lifestyle and self-development when working with individuals.  Dr Jain has more than 15 years of clinical experience as a board certified physician and integrated medicine doctor, with certifications in Integrative Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology and Healthcare Quality and Management.  His health and wellness book, ‘Optimal Living 360’ will be available to buy from February 2014.

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